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What's to launch soon

Simply being 'international' in terms of your nationality, residence or business is something that millions and growing numbers of us are simply as a result of events beyond our control such as where we are born and the nationality of our parents, through to our own decisions about where to study and work or set up a business, financial structure or even a new life.

These 'international' elements of our lives are mainly to open up to us greater opportunities to develop ourselves and also to avoid problems that seem often seem chronic and intolerable - generally because they are!

Yet, these same 'international' elements carry their own headaches as we have to navigate doing things in 'foreign' ways and being seen to be and being treated as a 'foreigner' dealing with 'local' people and institutions that often don't make us feel welcome.

In the world of business and finances and personal financial security, the 'international' options have never been better. We can structure our businesses, finances, wealth and family financial affairs in welcoming, flexible, confidential and highly protective structures that safeguard our funds and affairs against the vagaries and vulnerabilities of legal and political insecurity, as well as covering life's contingencies such as incapacity and death.

So what's coming up? We will be launching a Android smart-phone based app that will enable investors and business people to get set up in one of the world's premier asset protection centres, the Cook Islands, with a flexible and easy to operate LLC, and open banking facilities in one of the world's premier international banking centres, the Cayman Islands.

The service will be launched for Android operating system smartphones and will enable you to directly scan your RFID chip in your passport to identify yourself without any need for notaries or personal visits, or even having to print and sign anything on paper. And the whole process will be fast and easy to complete so you can get on with enjoying the benefits of your international structure.

Coming soon!