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B9 Management gets you a properly formed LLC for business, trading and investments including fully featured banking via Android smartphone app that reads your passport RFID chip.

No international travel, printer, notary / certifier or hard copies required!

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Cook Islands LLCs are international Limited Liability Companies that provide the most flexible, easy to operate and protective vehicle available for investment and business activities.

International LLCs can be registered in a number of jurisdictions, and the Cook Islands is one of the best.

The Cook Islands LLC structure offers the flexibility of management by members or managers, limited liability for both members and managers, and excellent protection of LLC assets from claims arising from the member's creditors.

If you have an Android smartphone and a passport with RFID chip, our mobile app (coming soon) will enable this entity to be formed quickly, simply and economically -- and with banking services available in the Cayman Islands based on the same diligence process and data.

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Cayman Islands international banking provides a flexible, confidential and protected place for funds to be received from customers or investors until they are needed for business operations, investments or for distributions to members.

International banking is essential to achieve the effective management of funds in the LLC, including business receipts from customers, funding from lenders and investors (including members), deployment of funds in selected investments or operational assets, and payment of operating costs, salaries and distributions.

The Cayman Islands jurisdiction provides a safe and reliable location for the LLC's assets, such as funds in the Cayman Islands bank account.

Using the data and diligence documents collected via the Android app when setting up the LLC, we can also get your application through for a Cayman Islands bank offering multi-currency online banking and term deposits for the LLC.

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